Edgar Casey predicted the Hall of Records would be found under the right front paw of the Sphinx. Using the Hopi Creation Story, now we have a reason why. I would think it would be Spider Woman’s tomb, as the Hopi Creation Story states that she would remain here on Earth just like the Nephew and as far as I know, no large female tomb has yet to be discovered.

In my mind, I can visualize the people of the third world entering the Valley temple, going through the causeway into the Mortuary temple and finding their way into the pyramid for protection during the third worlds destruction.

After the destruction, the chosen would come out of the pyramid into the main chamber of the Mortuary temple and go underground to the naval of the Sphinx temple and emerge (re-birth) into the fourth world heading east.


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  1. Notes Along the Path Says:

    Thanks for posting about balance–so important for us and our Mother Earth. And I think it would be wonderful to find a sacred place built to honor a female god-goddess. I’m assuming she clears the way for peaceful co-existence.:)
    Pam B

  2. hopicreationstory Says:

    Thanks Pam:

    I think its all about life, death, and re-birth and you can’t have any of those things without a female.

    The Hopi call her Spider-Women and many people when looking at the mortar between the blocks of the great pyramid compare it to a spiders web or glue.

    All the best. Tom

  3. Notes Along the Path Says:

    i Tom,

    I hadn’t thought of it that way, but that makes perfect sense. No life without the papas AND the mamas.

    I was watching TV the other night on the History Channel and they were investigating a group of supposed powerful men called the Illuminati and their plan to take over the world. One anti-illuminati guy said the Statue of Liberty was a satanic/dark symbol of a pagan goddess. And that light is another symbol of darkness, because of the fallen angel of light, Lucifer, and now the ‘illumined’ ones. I’m speaking up these days, that women are not the cause of all evil and it is NOT a fact that no female energy played a part in creation. Sorry-got going there…

    And spider-webby glue holding the great pyramids together? That’s truly fascinating. I hope to see it one day. Thanks,


  4. hopicreationstory Says:

    Hello Pam:

    Here’s another Male figure near the pyramids:


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